Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pradhan Sevak Welcome to Surat

Dear PMO India​- aka Pradhan Sevak,

After TWO fly-by visits at Surat, this is your THIRD visit to the city of Diamonds, & as you had mentioned last time, the self sufficient city.

It was really flattering of you to have said that but we all know in reality it is different and now and then we need the blessings of the "Boss-Man" to actually have things to happen.

While the entire city has been given a "Spa-Treatment" for your arrival as your devotees are all awestruck that you're visiting the city itself has a valid reason to spend crores of tax payers rupees in cosmetic cleansing rather than making 10,000 odd "Sulabh-Sauchalays", itself.

But that is okay, since we live in an era of "Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas", this time it is the turn for "Vikas" of the Tent-houses, Plant nurseries, Paint Shops, Painters and of course the ever so glorifying light-wallahs. Not to forget the ever so "lying-low" media.

As "simpletons" as Surtis are and the yes-men being busy rolling out red carpet for you and in this abashed celebration & show of saffronisation, hope they do not forget to get you to do the "Ground-breaking" for the SECOND Terminal & Runway at Surat Airport, Airports Authority of India.

Don't worry the land is already there as per MOCA Jayant Sinha​, if not, then your vote gathering MP's will promptly flash the copy of 7/12 from their pockets.

Hope this is not asking for too much from a Pradhaan Sevak.

Welcome again..!!😊

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