Wednesday, November 26, 2014

To-Do List for the New APD at STV

Since the new APD, Mr. Pramod Kumar Thakre has just recently taken over the office of the - Airport Director at the Surat Airport, he might still be feeling the aftershocks of the buffalo hit at the runway, an incident which happened a few weeks back. In order to support the new incumbent, to ensure that he too may not become a "VICTIM" of this evil system and before many more bovine lives were lost any further;  we hence decided to shower upon the new comer with a few ideas, suggestions and a few words of caution and help him to make a To-DO List for himself to delve upon.

Why this check list...???

Monday, November 17, 2014

APD SACKED - Victimization or Vindication....???

There is a saying in Gujarati going like this... "પાડા ને વાંકે પખાલી ને ડામ " roughly meaning; 'Brand-marking' of the water-carrier; for the fault of the calves. In this case of a buffalo-hit with a plane and with pun intended we can read it as; "Sacking of the APD  for the fault of the Buffalo", literally.

From the Buffalo-hit on the runway of Surat Airport, apart from the death of the bovine, fortunately the
incident went without any human casualty. However, the aftermath of the incident, the first administrative casualty took place in the form of the APD - Dr S D Sharma being sacked on the grounds of dereliction of duty.

The news spread a ripple of mixed response in the city. As many rightly feel since the APD - Airport Director, was the person directly in charge of the well being & safety of Surat Airport, he deserved it. 

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